Company overview

CDialogues plc ("The Company" or "The Group") is a Mobile Marketing company incorporated in England and Wales on June 2011 and is the Group holding company. The Group operates through its wholly owned operating subsidiaries and is principally active in Kuwait and Lebanon.

The Group provides mobile marketing solutions that enable brands, Mobile Network Operators ("MNOs") and media companies to design and implement targeted, interactive and measurable campaigns by engaging with and entertaining MNO subscribers via their mobile devices. Using proprietary algorithms, CDialogues enables MNOs to provide targeted value added services to existing and new subscribers with the aim of maintaining and increasing subscriber numbers and increasing average revenue per user ("ARPU").

The Group’s Technology platform has developed internally and is offered as either a fully managed or as Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) product. The core services supported by the Group’s platform include SMS, MMS, IVR and mobile internet services based on recurring user subscription and mobile billing in cooperation with the MNOs.

The Group intends to become a leading mobile data analytics and marketing language engineering provider in emerging markets. The Group’s strategy is to develop and expand the existing business, moving into new regions and markets in order to increase revenue and generate higher profit margins through scale.

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